Support for life's crossroads through confidential therapeutic conversations.

Coaching for Life's Crossroads

We all have different seasons in life. Things around us or within ourselves go through a change – or they are in need of a change. We sometimes call these seasons "Crossroads of Life". During these times it is easier to figure out what is going on and where to go next when we have somebody to process it with.

Coaching for Life's Crossroads gives you a safe space to have therapeutic conversation with a trained professional. Through a confidential dialogue with your coach, you will get new perspectives on your situation. You become more aware of your own resources. Different options emerge that will help you to make new choices in life. You can embrace a life that looks like your own.

A life that looks like your own.

Frame of Reference

Coaching for Life's Crossroads uses Transactional Analysis (TA). Through TA we are able to comprehend the structures and functions of the human mind. We become aware of our beliefs about ourselves and in life in general. We can analyze our communications and different transactions that we are involved with. Alongside TA, Coaching for Life's Crossroads uses Solution Focused thinking.

How to start your journey

You can start your journey from where you are at right now. Previous experiences of coaching is not required.

Coaching for Life's Crossroads is individual on-line coaching. A phone, a laptop or other device with secure and reliable internet connection is needed. We use Teams or Zoom. Cameras on. :)

Before our first session we have an initial conversation. During this short (about 15 min.) on-line meeting we make a contract about our work together. What might be the key issue or issues you would like to work on and over what period of time. We book the sessions in our calendars. This initial conversation is free of charge.

Each coaching session is 45 minutes long and the sessions run every week or biweekly. The cost for one session is 95€ (including VAT 24%).

Your Coach

My name Marjukka Rintamäki. I've worked as a Supervisor (STOry) since 2018. I've also worked as a Career Coach and have Masters in Music Education. You can check out to find out more (unfortunately only in Finnish).

Currently I'm studying Transactional Analysis (towards CTA-Counselling) here in Finland and in England.

As a Coach, I'm committed to the ethical principles of relational work. I respect life and its uniqueness. I respect and support the Client's right for self-determination. I believe in their ability to make choices related to their own life. I'm committed to the co-operational relationship, to its psychological safety and confidentiality. I develop my skills as a Coach in various trainings that enhance my professional growth. I undertake constant supervision to be aware of any transferences that may arise during coaching.

Ready to take your first step?

You can reach me by email: